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Keep your business compliant with Chinese law with the required licenses, certifications, copyright certificates and other documents for your app or game.

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Following the law doesn't need to be difficult.

App and game publishers in China must adhere to a set of laws and regulations that can seem opaque and confusing to foreign developers and companies. AppInChina simplifies and demystifies this process for our clients.

The Chinese government has outlined six obligations that app and game creators must follow, in addition to the following licensing requirements.

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    App Compliance

    Mobile apps or online apps in China require special certifications to be distributed on Chinese app stores (the only authorized way for distributing apps). These may include:

    AppInChina can analyze your app, determine which licenses are needed, and apply on your behalf. See further on this page for other licenses that may be required for apps in specialized categories, such as video conferencing and educational apps.

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    Game Compliance

    Whether you have a mobile, console, or online game, most of the certifications and licenses you need to publish and distribute in China are the same, and will depend on whether your game is monetized:

    Licensing your game for sale in China is a long, involved process (particularly for games with in-app payments) that can take at least 6 months. Let AppInChina get your game to market as smoothly as possible, without dead-ends and needless hassle.

    For more info about publishing your game in China, check out our guide.

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    Educational Compliance

    Education is highly regulated in China, and educational apps generally require these additional licenses:

    • • Publication Business License (for digital books)
    • • "Internet Culture" ICP License
    • • Grade Filing (if app is for school students)

    If you are targeting schools, note that schools in China are required to report to the educational bureau which apps they are using for education.

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    Video Conferencing / Video Chat

    Apps that include video conferencing or video chat require a B22 Telecom Value Added license.

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    Shopping / e-Commerce Platforms

    Whether your shopping / e-commerce platform is an app or a website, you will need these licenses:

    • • Commercial ICP License
    • • B21 Business License (for multi-brand platforms)

    AppInChina provides a host of services for launching a successful e-commerce platform in China.


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