The AppInChina Game Store Index

The AppInChina Game Store Index is the market-leading index of China’s largest Android app stores that publish games. We update our index on a quarterly basis using the most accurate data sources available.

If you intend to publish your mobile game in China, think strategically: Each game store has its own audience, strengths and weaknesses, depending on the nature of your game and the market you are targeting. For advice and insight, please contact us.

Last Updated: February 8th, 2021

English NameChinese NameMonthly Active Users (MAU)Market Share (%)Games Only Store
Chinese Name应用宝Monthly Active Users (MAU)281,488,400Market Share (%)25.33Games Only Storeno

Tencent is the largest internet company in Asia, publisher of the wildly popular WeChat app used ubiquitously across China. Though the company does not produce any mobile phones, its app store has remained the most popular in China for many years. Tencent rarely allows pay-to-download games or apps on its platform.

Chinese Name华为应用市场Monthly Active Users (MAU)163,428,100Market Share (%)14.71Games Only Storeno

Also known as AppGallery Connect, the Huawei App Market is the official app distribution platform for Huawei. Huawei is a large company manufacturing telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics. In recent years, Huawei’s mobile phones have become one of the best-selling phones world-wide, and is one of the top-selling phone brands in Mainland China.

The Huawei App Market’s self-developed "Fuxi Algorithm" is used to accurately recommend content to users. Points can be awarded for signing in or downloading apps, used for lottery and gift rewards. It includes features for one-click installation and uninstalling apps, as well as auto-updating features when a device is idle. A game license is required for ALL games on the Huawei App Market.

3Oppo Game CenterOppo Game Center
Chinese NameOppo游戏中心Monthly Active Users (MAU)110,663,700Market Share (%)9.96Games Only Storeyes

Oppo is a Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communications company with popular products such as smartphones. It shares a parent company with Vivo (BKK Electronics). Oppo Game Center is its games app that comes pre-installed on Oppo devices.

Chinese Name360手机助手Monthly Active Users (MAU)105,367,500Market Share (%)9.48Games Only Storeno

360 Mobile Assistant is a Chinese app store from Qihoo 360, a Chinese internet security company with products including antivirus software and a popular secure web browser used by millions across China. 360 Mobile Assistant does not allow pay-to-download games on its platform.

Chinese NameVivo游戏中心Monthly Active Users (MAU)93,981,000Market Share (%)8.46Games Only Storeyes

VIVO is a Chinese consumer electronics company that makes smartphones, accessories, software, and provides online services. BBK Electronics is its parent company, which also owns Oppo and OnePlus, which each make their own brands of smartphones.

Vivo Game Center is Vivo’s game-specific app store for its various devices. VIVO is the only app store on this list that does not allow completely free games on its platform - however, it is allowed if your free game is ad-supported.

Chinese Name小米游戏中心Monthly Active Users (MAU)91,716,300Market Share (%)8.25Games Only Storeyes

Xiaomi is a very popular Chinese electronics company with products including smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, and home appliances. Mi Game Center is the default app store installed on its phone across China. Xiaomi’s mobile phones ship with its own Android firmware (MIUI), based on Google’s Android operating system.

Chinese Name百度手机助手Monthly Active Users (MAU)86,427,700Market Share (%)7.78Games Only Storeno

Even before Google left the Chinese market in 2010, Baidu had been the country’s largest search engine. It remains the dominant player to this day, which is why it is often referred to as “The Google of China”. Baidu’s app store, Baidu Mobile Assistant, is always served up as an option when users search for an app on Baidu Mobile Assistant does not allow pay-to-download games on its platform, nor any ad-supported multi-player games.

Chinese Name4399Monthly Active Users (MAU)27,127,900Market Share (%)2.44Games Only Storeyes

4399 is a subsidiary of 4399 Network Co., Ltd., a publisher, developer, and operator of Internet leisure and entertainment platforms and games founded in 2013. The company's main business focuses on three major sectors: online platform, game publishing and game development. It currently includes the development and operation of Internet page games, mobile games, online website platforms and mobile platforms. The mobile version of its store includes game recommendations and social interaction such as sharing of game status and achievements. It is a games-only app store, and is available on web and mobile. 4399 also has an English version of its webpage at

Chinese NamePP手机助手Monthly Active Users (MAU)24,295,400Market Share (%)2.19Games Only Storeno

Alibaba’s app store in China is PP Assistant. In addition to apps for Android, PP Assistant also has two app stores for iOS, including one for iOS devices that have been “jailbroken”.

Chinese NameTapTapMonthly Active Users (MAU)14,539,700Market Share (%)1.31Games Only Storeyes

TapTap is simply called “TapTap” in Chinese. Developed by Yiwan (Shanghai) Network Technology Co., Ltd., it offers a wide range of content in languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Users can download the latest releases in their native language without having to search for a file with the desired language. Taptap allows upload of images and videos of gameplay by the TapTap community. There are also chat features between users, with forums and leaderboards for sharing achievements. TapTap is a games-only store. It does not take a cut from ad-supported free games, and takes a very low cut (5%) from ad-supported games, compared to the rest of the stores on this list.

Chinese Name搜狗手游中心Monthly Active Users (MAU)14,497,300Market Share (%)1.30Games Only Storeno

Sogou is originally a search engine and smartwatch company, launched in 2004. In 2006, the company invented Sogou Pinyin, which is now the dominant input platform in China for both desktop and mobile systems. They are currently focused on developing AI, lip reading, and voice recognition technology for its smartwatches and translation devices. Sogou is a Beijing-based public company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange. They are currently majority-owned by Tencent, and it is the only search engine able to search WeChat public accounts.

Chinese Name咪咕游戏Monthly Active Users (MAU)9,288,700Market Share (%)0.84Games Only Storeyes

"Migu Game" (formerly known as “He Game”) is a games-only app store operated by Migu Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd. (formerly China Mobile Game Base), which was founded in 2015. Provides functions such as game trial play, paid downloads, interactive communication, information and membership services. It supports live and recorded video of game events, and a silver/gold membership system to provide users discounts, special priorities, activities, and expanded user rights and rewards. Currently, Migu Game store is not accepting any new games.

Chinese Name乐商店Monthly Active Users (MAU)5,749,600Market Share (%)0.52Games Only Storeno

Le Store is an Android application store built by Lenovo Group, a Chinese multi-national company, founded in 1984 and headquartered in Beijing. By 2019, it was the world’s largest PC vendor by unit sales, but they also develop storage devices, IT management software, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs running the Android operating system. The Lenovo Le Store is preinstalled on many of its devices. The store allows users to accumulate Le Dou points for completing daily tasks and sign-ins in exchange for various prizes and gift giveaways. It advocates the attitude of " Enjoy apps and live a happy life”. The store is divided into three version: Web, phone, and Pad (tablet). Le Store does not allow pay-to-download games on its platform, and does not take a cut from ad-supported free games.

Chinese Name7723游戏Monthly Active Users (MAU)5,546,900Market Share (%)0.50Games Only Storeyes

Developed by Xiamen Slap Technology Company, Ltd., (厦门巴掌科技有限公司), which was founded in 2014. The company's business scope includes software development, information technology consulting services, and other Internet services. 7723 Game is a games-only app store and does not allow pay-to-download games on its platform.

Chinese NameSteam InternationalMonthly Active Users (MAU)2,360,700Market Share (%)0.21Games Only Storeyes

Steam is a video game digital distribution service by Valve, makers of the popular Half Life series of games. It was launched in 2003 as a software client in September 2003 for Valve to provide automatic updates for their games, and has since expanded to publish third-party games. Steam Global is currently widely available in China, but at any time could be blocked in favor of the newer Steam China store. Steam Global does not allow any ad-supported multi-player games on its platform.

Other Notable Game App Stores in China

  • Gionee (金立游戏中心)

    Gionee (金立游戏中心)

    Gionee Game Hall is a mobile game platform under Gionee Mobile, a well-known mobile phone brand in China. As the most important part of the mobile Internet business and Amigo system ecosystem, it integrates the company's resources across the board. Game Hall has both a mobile platform and a web version.
  • Meizu Flyme (魅族应用商店)

    Meizu Flyme (魅族应用商店)

    Meizu Technology Company is a consumer electronics, digital publishing, and retail company established in March 2004 in Zhuhai, China. The company produces a series of mobile phones for the Chinese domestic market and abroad. They have more than 2000 retail stores across the country, and are actively selling their smartphones overseas in Europe, Asia, India, and the UK. Alibaba is an investment partner in the company. The Meizu Flyme store comes preinstalled on all of Meizu’s mobile smartphones.
  • 3839 (好游快爆)

    3839 (好游快爆)

    A store by Xiamen Chunyou Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. In addition to the normal features of a game store, they also provide game news, practical guides, game tools, and videos. 3839 has both a mobile platform and web version. 3839 is a games-only store, and does not take a cut from ad-supported games, as the store does not have its own ads SDK (developers must supply their own).
  • 2345


    Shanghai 2345 Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in September 2005 in Shanghai. It is a leading domestic Internet company integrating Internet operations and software development. It claims a “mobile internet + artificial intelligence” strategy. 2345 is a games-only store and does not allow pay-to-download games on its platform.
  • Steam China (蒸汽平台)

    Steam China (蒸汽平台)

    At a press conference on August 21, 2019, "Steam China" was officially introduced as China’s Steam platform. It is almost completely independent of Steam Global. Steam China went online with only 40 games initially, and Chinese users have criticized its lack of availability of games compared with Steam International.

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