How do I publish my mobile app or game in China? What do I need to provide to complete distribution?

By Antony Chang

Oct 08 2019, 10:31am

Since the process of distributing mobile apps and games in China is becoming more and more complicated, we thought it would be the perfect time to summarize the current app distribution procedures.

At the moment, foreign app companies/developers have two options when it comes to distributing apps in China.

What are the current options?

Option A is to distribute your app through a local distribution service provider’s account. This option is the faster method of distribution and provides a higher likelihood of success, as Chinese app stores see local accounts as being more trustworthy, which leads to a much smoother approval process. This provider can also do many things on your behalf, making the process smoother and less work for you, answering any questions you might have and leading you through every step.

Option B is to distribute your app through your own account. This option is the slower method of distribution and offers a smaller chance of success, as local app stores carry out extensive checks on foreign based accounts, which means more documentation and steps are required. Keep in mind that you must have a Chinese company or a Chinese entity in order to do this.

What materials do I need?

There are a few items you will need to have in advance before you submit your app to your first Chinese app store:

A Chinese Company, Chinese Entity, or Distributor (Android only)

Currently, foreign companies are not allowed to directly publish their apps on Chinese Android app stores. This restriction does not apply to iOS or the Apple App Store in China. 

All foreign app companies must either have a Chinese entity or use an authorized local distributor to publish their mobile apps and games. It’s not enough to have an office in China. Your company must be officially registered as a Chinese company or a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in China (WFOE). If it is not, then you can simply use a service like AppInChina to publish on your behalf while still retaining full rights to your mobile app or game.

Localized App APK

You will need a version of your app that is appropriate to publish in China. The interface should meet Chinese app norms, and all text should be translated to Simplified Mandarin, including on buttons and images. You also must insure that all of its user-generated data is hosted on Chinese servers, and that it does not depend on any cloud services, APIs, or SDKs or that are inaccessible behind the Great Firewall of China.

Localized App Name, Description, and App Icon

Think carefully about the name you choose for your app because many app stores will require you to list the app with the same name as is registered on your SCC. If you decide to change the name in the future, you would need to go through the process of registering for a new SCC.

User’s Manual For Your App

Although your app will be reviewed by government regulators, they will not actually open your app to test it. Instead, they will browse through a user’s manual to your app that you will need to provide, which will explain your app and how it functions, along with screenshots and examples.

This need not be as daunting as it sounds. We recommend simply stepping through your app or game and taking a screenshot of each menu and function. Put the screenshot on one page, and on the opposite page (or below it on the same page) describe what is in the screenshot and how it works. It should be thorough, but the description need not be too long or detailed.

Chinese Software Copyright Certificate (SCC)

All of the major app stores require a Chinese Software Copyright Certificate (SCC). Your certificate has a serial number, and you will need to submit that valid serial number in the form on the store. 

Keep in mind that an SCC is not required to enjoy legal copyright protection of your software in China, but it is extremely helpful in case you need to enforce IP ownership – which is why it is nonetheless required by the Chinese app stores in order to publish your app or game on their platform.

If you are not using a service like AppInChina to get the SCC, you will need the assistance of a Chinese speaker/interpreter to apply for the SCC on your own with the Copyright Protection Centre of China. The cost will be anywhere between 2200 to 3200RMB, depending on the number of documents involved.  Please note you do not need to be a Chinese company to apply for an SCC, but you will need to provide a copy of your business license (both in its original language and translated into Chinese) that has been authorized by the Chinese embassy in your own country. An individual can also register with a copy of their passport and its Chinese translation.

It takes about one month or less to process a SCC application.

80 pages of code

As part of the Software Copyright Certificate (SCC) registration process, you will need to submit a chunk of your app or game’s code, defined as “the first 40 pages and last 40 pages”. This is held by the government agency with your SCC to be used as evidence in case you ever need to claim someone else violated the copyright on your software. Its purpose is to protect you.

Some developers are understandably leery of providing the code to their app. Keep in mind you can choose which part of your app’s code to submit. While we believe there is nothing to fear, we can offer further advice to our clients as to how to comply with this requirement while assuring the protection of their IP.

Additional Documentation

Industry-specific documentation may also be requested to complete distribution depending on the app type (travel, finance, health etc.).

Security Assessment Form

Starting 2019, app developers and publishers must complete a Security Assessment Form in order to publish or update apps on their platforms.


If you are not using a service like AppInChina to publish your app or game on your behalf, you will also need the following items: 

  • Power of Attorney Letter
  • Chinese Business Registration
  • Photocopy of Passport (Business registration holder)
  • Chinese SIM Card
  • Signed Individual App Store Development Statement/Claim Guarantee Letter

Submission and Review Process

Once you have all the materials in place, you will need to submit them along with your app or game’s apk to each app store you want to. Unless you use a service like AppInChina, you will need to go through this process once for each app store you submit to – there is no “blanket submission form” to cover them all. 

How we can help?

AppInChina can help you with all of your app distribution needs. We can help you procure all the necessary materials to publish your app to the top 10 Chinese app stores, and you can manage it all through one-on-one contact with your personal account manager, and through our online client dashboard.

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