New Privacy Policy Requirements For Mobile Apps In China

Starting in 2019, all mobile apps published in China must follow specific requirements for how they handle their terms of service and privacy policies and display them to the user.

If you are an app developer, be sure your app meets these specific standards:

  • The Privacy Policy and Terms of Service must be in two separate documents, hosted within the app itself (not redirected to a website, for example).
  • They must be in a pop-up message, either on your landing or login page.
  • The user must check a box and/or click a button to accept the policy and continue. It cannot simply be a message that shows up and disappears without interaction.
  • Finally, the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service must be written in Mandarin if the content of the app is in Mandarin. If the content of the app is in English, then the English versions can be used instead.
screenshot of privacy policy in
An example from

As always, if you have questions about how to comply, just contact your dedicated account representative. And if you are not a client but looking for someone to help you navigate the legal landscape of publishing your mobile app in China, contact us and we can talk about how AppInChina came make this easy for you.

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